We will work with you to design and develop a custom and responsive website including a management plan to fit the individual management / maintenance needs of your business.

Our business includes the coding, innovative design and layout for your website. We will build your website from concept to completion creating everything from the home page to site layout and functionality.

Our management plans can include ensuring that all new content appears on your website and meets your deadlines. We work closely with your project teams, editors, and any other departments involved in coordinating the site’s content to make sure it caters to the needs of your target audience.

  • We take the lead role in the maintenance and development of the site
  • We meet departments and/or teams to plan and develop site content, style and appearance
  • We will provide and analize website usage statistics
  • We will provide website analytics reports
  • We will create and set permissions for site users

Website Maintenance

When we hear the word “maintenance” as it relates to our business, we may think about changing lightbulbs in our office, fixing a door, painting the offices….but, a critical type of business maintenance you may be missing, is the upkeep of your website. SEO is not just a word that web developers throw around…in fact, with GOOGLE setting the rules for how easily your website is found, SEO and website maintenance should be a critical component of your business’s marketing strategy. GOOGLE has developed complex algorithms to determine if your website is worthy of “rising to the top”.  Making small changes to a page will not influence GOOGLE‘s search.

Relying on “stale content” to drive customers to your business does not work anymore….fresh articles and information are critical. Part of our service is helping your website staying fresh with the correct amount of changes and updates.

Which one are you???